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ToDoo est une SARL qui a été créé par Grégory Bernard en Octobre 2001, à la suite du rachat des actifs et de la clientèle de la société Groupe Multimédia.

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37, rue de Longchamp
75116 Paris

Tél : +33 9 54 56 82 02
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International developments

ToDoo is a private owned company created in 2001, based in Paris - France. We have a strong growth of 40% per year and a good net profitability.

Directed by Gregory Bernard, graduated from ENST, a leading French Engineering school, and ESSEC business school, with a Master degree in computer science.

ToDoo is specialized on strategic e-Business projects and Internet technologies. Innovation partners and value creators, we combine business & domains skills, new technologies mastery and commitment on results in order to serve our clients with excellence.

What ToDoo can do for you in France ?

We will help you setup your subsidiary company in France by handling every aspects of your computer and network needs in France.
If you are planning to enter the French or the European Market we can help you build a strong strategy.

  • We commit on results: fixed time, fixed cost, high-quality.
  • We provide Top quality project planning and management.
  • We understand our customers business challenges.
  • We master information technologies.
  • We develop Internet systems based on the best OpenSource technologies.

    ToDoo will work as an agregator, dispatching the work among the most brilliant engineers to handle your specific needs.
    We have facilities located in one of the largest Data Center in Paris.

    Consulting services in Africa

    Since 2005 our company has worked as a consulting firm on various technical aspects of IT in Africa. Our guidance has been followed at the highest executive level. We are able to build strong teams of consultants and send them to any place for critical IT missions including: strategic vision, telco, network and infrastructure.

    Eastern Europe software developement

    We are now able to offer you services of software development in Eastern Europe.
    This offer includes top level coding by talented software developers. Project management and reporting will be handled directly by our team in France. This new approach will garanty you the best possible prices and efficiency in work.

    The technologies covered by this offer includes classical LAMP technologies (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), but also more sofisticated object oriented programming including Java and WebObjects.